Do You Accept Insurance?

We accept Health Savings Account/ Flexible Spending Account debit cards. We do not bill your insurance directly but will provide you a “superbill” in which you will be able to seek reimbursement. An agreement with an insurance plan is between you and the insurance provider so we do require payment upon services rendered and will provide you the necessary documentation to submit to your insurance carrier.

What is the Length and Frequency of Appointments?

Appointments are 15-30 minutes depending on the condition that you walk in with. Frequency will be suggested accordingly. During the visit we will discuss possible causes of the symptoms that you are experiencing and solutions for making change. People are individual and treated accordingly.

What is Myofascial and Emotional Release?

Myofascial Release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and restore motion. Trauma (chemical, physical or emotional), inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests (x-rays, myelograms, CAT scans, electromyography, etc.) It is normal to “unwind” and release the emotion that is connected to the trauma. The amount of pressure is minimal, no more than you would put on your closed eye. It does not hurt, but can have emotional expressions tied to it. Breathing is very important to move through the experience.

What Chiropractic Technique Do You Use?

Chiropractic is an art form. Dr. Becky has attended many continuing education seminars and has all of them to offer you depending on your needs. She works on a drop table for specific manual adjustments and incorporates the use of an arthrostim and myofascial release. Her goal is that each time you are on the table, that your body will have changed and need something different.

My Child is in Therapies (ex: PT, OT, ABA, Speech) How is Your Neurosensory Program different?

The neurosensory program is one of the most COMPREHENSIVE programs available. The first difference is 1) The Chiropractic Adjustment. By changing the structure, the input to the brain is different. 2) Addressing the neurodevelopment of the primitive reflexes. 3) Functional Nutrition: our program is current with the latest nutritional therapies available from the leading researchers and pediatricians. We encourage you to continue the prescribed therapies as the work we do in our office will help them excel and even graduate from the traditional therapies.

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