I started going to Kids Rising after we discovered my daughter had severe tongue tie and was refusing to nurse. Dr Becky holds a tongue tie clinic on Tuesday with Amey Clarke an amazing lactation consultant. I have to say that these two ladies love what they do and care deeply for the mothers that attend the clinic. My baby is always so content after she gets adjusted and I have learned so much after attending the clinics.

Stephanie K.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you are doing for [my son] and all of us really. We are so very grateful for your help! Thank you also for being so supportive. It really means so much to me. They say, "you can tell who the strong women are, they're the ones building each other up, instead of tearing each other down."

I feel that we have learned & grown so much already from our sessions! I'll go ahead and stop before I get too rambly 🙂

Anyhow, thank you!

Emily M.

Dr. Becky is a miracle worker! She has a genuine heart for all the people that she cares for. She has been such a blessing to my whole family from preconception, through my pregnancy, and helping when breastfeeding was really hard! What else is there to say? She is the best!

Randall M.

Dr Becky and Amey Clark are wonderful! They helped me tremendously after tongue and lip tie revisions on my baby girl. Dr Becky is gentle and uses holistic and safe chiropractic care. Amey Clark is a great IBCLC and amazing resource for breastfeeding info. Thx Kids Rising!

Kasandra S.

Dr. Becky is amazing. We are so grateful for the care she provided my son with after his lip and tongue tie release. He was much happier baby after treatment

Sara B.

Dr. Becky was a vital piece of my prenatal care. Her expertise kept me as comfortable as possible and she always knew just how to adjust me. I would leave her office feeling fabulous or well on the mend(depending on how bad I messed myself up). She adjusted my entire family 3 days after our daughter was born and now my older kids have no problem tellling me when they need to see Dr. Becky! They felt an immediate difference in their bodies. Her adjustments on the baby have helped us through the healing process of both tongue and lip tie revisions. The baby is always so much more relaxed after she gets adjusted and a happy baby makes for a happy mama. A happy mama makes for a wife and a happy wife makes a happy life ☺️

Kamille M.

Dr. Becky is a baby whisperer! She's treated my son since he was a month old, and was a huge asset in his post-revision care. He is an entirely different baby after she works on him. She's the most caring and compassionate medical provider I've ever met and has recently started treating my chronic back pain as well. We will be longtime clients of Kids Rising!

Betsey A.

Dr. Becky is awesome! I have used her through two pregnancies and I fully trust her to adjust my children. They were both into see her their first week of life. My 11 month old was stuck at taking 2-3 steps in an arc. Becky adjusted her in the afternoon and by the evening she was walking the width of our living room! It is a week later now and she is a walking machine.

Katheine T.

Dr. Becky is amazing! I saw her when I was pregnant with my daughter and went back today and got my daughter her first adjustment at 2weeks old! Very impressed with her knowledge and care, we will be back many times!

Brittany J.

Dr.Becky is incredible! Love everything about each appointment!

Mariah S.

We are so happy to have found Dr. Becky. She is awesome at what she does, and my son loves going every week. Thank you!

Candice A.

She is wonderful! Takes time with each patient and really finds the root of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms!

Carissa M.

I strongly recommend you take your kid/baby to Rebecca for chiropractic adjustments no matter what age it is - newborn or 4 months old! It is a night and day change that will make the both of you happy! Our experience was just that. Don't hesitate to go and dont listen to people who tell you not to (because clearly they havent done this great thing for their kid or they would be singing a different tune).

We had the worst time in the beginning with breastfeeding! Man oh man was it difficult. Once I took her in, I found out that she had two vertebrae out of place in her spine! And she was super tight all over! Five mins later, my daughter was the happiest I had ever seen her and so relaxed too! When she had a growth spurt, she reverted back to extreme chewing and sucking. Rebecca told me that all the muscles in her upper half were really tight and that was why. Again, 5 mins later and we were perfect again! Rebebba and her magic chiropractic clinic saved us! In 3 visits, we went from having no chance at breastfeeding and holding without fighting and screaming to breastfeeding without any issues AND having the happiest baby ever!

Take your kid into Rebecca's chiropractic clinic! Tomorrow! Call them today! Help you kid feel better and more relaxed in a matter of minutes. We are so happy we did!

Lisa S.

It's been such a life changer for me!! I'm able to do things that I wasn't able to do in such a long time because of my back pain

Albert G.

Amazing service received by Dr. Becky. She is not only an amazing doctor, but is kind and sweet as well. I highly recommend her!

Tiffany D.

Dr. Becky has magic hands. She truly cares about the well being of her patients. She has taken the time to connect with my daughter.

Kim H.

Dr. Becky is, hands down, the best chiropractor I've ever had (and I've had 10). I started seeing her during my pregnancy. She's the only one who can get rid of my pain & headaches and gets my adjustments to last.
She has adjusted my son since birth(he's now 3) and is the only one I would ever trust with his health and well-being. One morning he woke with an earache and after a session with her and a nap, it was gone!
Everyone I've ever sent to her absolutely loves her and feels immediate relief.
She is extremely knowledgeable about a multitude of things such as pediatrics, nutrition, sensory processing, supplements, breastfeeding, pregnancy, and of course, the human body.
She is an artist and master of her trade. I am so grateful to have such an amazing practitioner for my family!

Kiya V.

Dr Kleckner is a fantastic children's chiropractor. She has treated both of my children age 4 and 2. Her calm and caring nature allowed my children to relax and receive a complete and effective chiropractic adjustment. We live out of the area and plan to take the time to travel to Dr Kleckner as she is truly gifted in her ability to care for children.
As a patient of Dr Kleckner's I have also received treatments from Dr Kleckner and realized that her ability to make pinpoint cervical adjustments have been superior to adjustments I have received from other chiropractors. If you want a chiropractor that  is truly passionate about their profession , cares and loves what they do I recommend you see Dr Kleckner

Stephen M.

Dr. Kleckner has done it again!!  this woman has saved my life on numerous occasions! during both pregnancies I went and saw her and immediately felt good results!! currently I went to her (not even pregnant) and wow!!! thank God I did!!! this woman has healing hands and a winning personality!!! Love her!!!

Daniel F.

Dr. Kleckner is AMAZING!! I have had the opportunity to visit her with both of my pregnancies and I have found that she genuinely cares about her patients and takes the time to make you feel comfortable and really understand your body and where the pains are coming from. She is highly knowledgeable and incredibly skilled at what she does. I started going to a different chiropractor in the beginning of my second pregnancy (due to location) and quickly realized my mistake, I was not getting the same level of care and attention that Dr. Becky gives, I quickly realized that quality of care is so much more valuable than location, especially when it comes to my body. I can honestly say she is the best chiropractor I have ever been to!

Melissa S.

Dr. Becky has a magic touch and treats the whole person, not just your out-of-sync self. I went to Dr. Becky for prenatal chiro care since my baby was sitting in the breech position. A week and 3 appointments later, my body was in-line and my baby turned! I continue to see Dr. Becky to keep everything in line in the hopes for a natural childbirth. She suggested ways to improve my posture and day-to-day activities which will encourage my body to stay in-line. She also brought up my 2-year olds distinctive walk which I had just mentioned and was dismissed by his pediatrician. Dr. Becky explained ways chiropractic care can help my son and his hip alignment so he won't struggle with this throughout his life (like my brother and Dad have to this day). I can't say enough how ecstatic I am that I was referred to Dr. Becky.

Tiffany H.

Dr. Becky is the most gifted person I have ever met. She had an instant connection with our son and knew exactly what was going on with him with very little personal information from us. She brought me to tears at our first visit because she knew the mistakes we have made without us even saying. I have never expressed my regret with anyone and I didn't even express it at this appointment ... she already knew. For years we have been searching for answers and chiropractic was o...ur last resort and it should have been our first. Within such a short period of time our eight year old son (whom was nonverbal until the age of 4) started speaking more clearly, expanded his vocabulary, had become less emotional and more confident. Sometimes I just can't believe my eyes. We are still in the middle of our treatment but I can't thank Dr, Becky enough. I also have to give a huge thanks to the amazing and kind staff. I'm always so tired and stressed when I come in and I leave feeling happy and calm and I'm not even a patient!! (Yet) so thank you ... a million times.. thank you!!!

I would also like to add I have two younger sons. One suffering from insomnia and allergies and with 2 adjustments he has made a huge improvement! I'm so beyond happy and amazed. I truly believe God had a hand in leading me to finding this office. I was feeling lost and personally have been injured by a chiropractor... It was a tough decision on our end but I thank god every day we jumped in and committed to a treatment plan with Dr. Becky!

Jacqueline S.

Wow. She knows so much about kids. She can basically name the issues my kids are having by just looking at them, as if she's reading my mind. Never pushes unnecessary adjustments but trusts that parents know when their kids need it. Very gentle with newborns and knows how to interact with children in a wonderful way. Her office is home-like, welcoming and comfortable. She takes her time with patients and has a wealth of knowledge!

Aleksandra W.

Dr. Becky is an Earth Angel! She has been a valuable asset to my daughter's healing! Her office is extremely kid friendly & that alone with an active toddler relieved quite a bit of stress I was experiencing taking her to a group style office. Dr. Becky is so patient, nurturing, and understanding. She is extremely intuitive & just knows exactly what my daughter needs. My daughter loves Dr. Becky! And so do I. When we first started going my 19 month old daughter was not sleeping through the night & displaying aggressive behavior. Dr. Becky took the time to evaluate our lifestyle and suggested an alternative probiotic to what we were taking, that wasn't grown in casein & that the aggression was attributed to her gut. With my daughter's tongue tie that wasn't cut when she was younger we've experienced tension in her body & stomach issues, up until now. Since being under Dr. Becky's care my child is a different person. It's night & day. I didn't know if anything would change. I cried at our 1st appointment because parenting had become so unbearable. I have my child back. And my sanity (somewhat lol now she's 2) I know it's because of the consistent & high quality care we've experienced coming here. I highly recommend Dr. Becky especially for anyone looking for alternative & holistic treatment options to the standard Western medical model.

Nicholle C.

I have been seeing Dr. Becky for the past 6 years. She had adjusted me in each of my three pregnancies and adjusts each of my children (including a special newborn visit when they are only a couple of days old!). She even gets to see my husband sometimes! Lol! Becky has a true gift of helping you to feel your best. I recommend her to every pregnant Mama I know (so worth it for Mom AND baby!)! She also helped my son with his constipation issues and tongue tie. As if these miracle treatments weren't enough, she always makes me feel so at home. She loves on my kids, encourages them to play while they wait, always lets me nurse before my trip home, and is so supportive! She remembers details about my family every time I come. I would drive all over the state for her care. Nothing better!!!

Danielle A.

We have been seeing Dr Becky for a few years now and she is a lifesaver. Any time one of our girls is not feeling well, Dr Becky can get us in at a moments notice. She knows exactly what is going on and how to quickly boost their immune system and calm my nerves. She helped me through my entire pregnancy and saw our newborn days after she was born. We first learned about her when I was searching sensory issues for my daughter years ago and the improvement was immediate after a single session. I highly recommend Dr Becky for your family's health.

Alli R.