Our Services.

Adult Chiropractic 

Chiropractic is an art form. Dr. Becky has attended many continuing education seminars and has all of them to offer you depending on your needs. She works on a drop table for specific manual adjustments and incorporates the use of an arthrostim and myofascial release. Her goal is that each time you are on the table, that your body will have changed and need something different.

Prenatal (and Postpartum) Adjustments

A general recommendation on when to get adjusted during pregnancy  is whenever the baby has a growth spurt or any sharp pains in the round ligament area, groin, legs or lower back. A good rule of thumb is anytime you visit your health care provider starting at 20 weeks, also start having chiropractic adjustments.  If you sit at a desk or stand in place for a majority of the day, a generalized recommendation would be every two weeks after 24 weeks. If you are having difficulty taking a deep breath or pain that is a sign that you should get in right away! Every baby deserves to have a happy and balanced momma. Most moms agree that they are in a better mood upon rising from the table and even feel lighter!

Infant Feeding Clinic

This is our weekly group for breastfeeding mothers with Dr. Becky and our resident IBCLC. At this clinic, your baby will receive a latch assessment, oral exam, weight check and adjustment. Come with all your questions, concerns and triumphs to share with Dr. Becky and Beth Melton, RN, IBCLC. 

Pediatric Care

When to bring your child in:

  • After birth
  • Milestones: Teething, Rolling, Sitting, Crawling, Pulling Up, Walking and new developmental stages.
  • Immune System: If there is a symptom, bring them in!
  • Trauma: as soon as possible.
  • Attitudes: Subluxations can produce unreasonable behavior.

The spine is the lifeline of the body and structure = function. If there is any nerve blockage along the spinal cord then a state of disease will develop. Disease causes a generalized weakening of your child’s body which can manifest in your child as a lowered resistance to illnesses such as colic or ear infection as well as hyperactivity or other behavioral disorders.


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