Prenatal Chiropractic Care 

Dr. Becky is a certified in the Webster technique. This protocol balances the pelvis and then releases the round ligaments. The result promotes a greater opportunity for baby’s neurodevelopment; as well as positioning for birth. This technique is recommended for all moms as soon as pregnancy is achieved.

A general recommendation on when to get adjusted during pregnancy  is whenever the baby has a growth spurt; or any discomfort in the round ligament area, groin, legs or lower back. If you sit at a desk or stand in place for a majority of the day, a generalized recommendation would be every two weeks after 24 weeks. If you are having difficulty taking a deep breath or sleeping, don’t hesitate! Every baby deserves to have a happy and balanced mama. Most moms agree that they are in a better mood upon rising from the table and even feel lighter!

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