Our Pricing.

Kids Rising does not accept insurance. You can pay using a Health Saving Account/Flexible Spending Account card, credit, debit or cash. We can provide you with a 'super-bill' that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. Contact us here to request more information.  


New Patient - $115

To establish care with Dr. Becky for chiropractic treatment. Your first appointment with Dr. Becky is 30 minutes and includes your first adjustment.

For Adult, Prenatal and Pediatric Appointments. 

Established Patients - $50

For Adult, Pediatric and Prenatal returning patients.

Infant Feeding Clinic - $75

This clinic includes a latch assessment with Beth Melton, IBCLC and bodywork with Dr. Becky.  Choose "Group Sessions" once you have navigated to the booking site below. 


Family Pricing 

Wanting to bring the family in? We have discounted pricing available depending on your family's size. 

New Family Discount- $250 

2 Family Members- $85

3 Family Members-  $115

4 Family Members - $150

5+ Family Members - $35 per members